Terms of Payment

We have various expectations concerning your payment for surgery and treatment by us.  Our patients may, or may not, have health insurance and this effects how they need to pay. 

We have listed most treatment categories below:


Skin Cancer Treatment

A consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith  is $180 and this is usually paid on the way out of the surgery. 

If the skin cancer removal is a small procedure, the surgery is often carried out at the same visit. 

More complex reconstruction including  skin flaps and grafts will need to be scheduled for treatment at either 5 Naseby Street or St Georges or Southern Cross Hospitals.

Removal of skin cancer costs start at $770 for the body and $895 for the face.  If a skin graft or skin flap is required then these start at $1315 , depending on their size and complexity.  The price schedule for skin cancer surgery is clearly defined and is available for viewing upon your arrival at 5 Naseby Street.

Our patients often find it more reassuring to seek pre-approval for the expected procedure from their insurance companies. Health insurance will not cover cosmetic mole removal.  Insurance coverage usually includes lipomas (fatty lumps) but it is sensible to check with your insurer prior to consultation. 

Sometimes the mole/lesion a patient was referred for turns out to be non-cancerous.  Health insurers will generally cover the removal of lesions that carry a high risk of being cancerous, even if they turn out to be benign.

If you are uninsured then we can usually advise you, before consultation, of expected costs.


Reconstructive and Hand Surgery

A consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith for hand problems is $180.

If a surgical procedure is required then a price guide will be given to you so that you can gain prior approval from your insurance company (if you have one).

Patients who are uninsured are expected to pay for their consultation at reception after their appointment.


Cosmetic Surgery

A cosmetic consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith costs $190 for all procedures except face lift surgery.  A cosmetic consultation for face lift surgery costs $250.  Cosmetic consultation fees are payable on the day of your visit.

The expected cost of cosmetic surgery can be calculated after a consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith.  Many cosmetic procedures on this website have approximate prices included.

Your insurance company may pay part of the cost of some “cosmetic” procedures e.g. breast reduction.  All other procedures need to be paid for two weeks in advance and we will explain the process for this when you book your surgery.


Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatment

We have various non surgical cosmetic treatments available including: Botox, Cosmetic Fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) and skin care products.

All of these treatments must be paid for at reception after being administered/chosen.

Methods of Payment

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Eftpos
  • Payments using VISA/Mastercard over the telephone
  • Direct Credit to our bank account – this will be detailed on your invoice
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Drafts
  • Surgical finance is also available through Nova Medical Finance.


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Dr. Kenton-Smith

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr. Kenton Smith is a qualified plastic surgeon now focusing entirely on his private practice and serving on The Board of The College of Surgeons. His accredited day surgery in Merivale, Christchurch offers a range of plastic and reconstructive surgeries, tailored for his patients, with a focus on best possible care and outcomes.

Dr. Kate Matthews

Cosmetic Physician and GP
Dr Kate Matthews is both a family GP and an Appearance Medicine Physician. Dr Matthews is one of the few GPs in New Zealand who works closely with a Plastic Surgeon. Dr Kenton-Smith and Dr Matthews often work together to maximize aesthetic results, using a range of Botox, cosmetic fillers and cosmecuetical skin care.

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