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Am I a suitable candidate for a brow lift?

A brow lift can be carried out on its own or together with eyelid lifts. Firstly, look in the mirror and gently pull up on the outer aspect of your eyebrows. If this results in a more rejuvenated look then a brow lift may benefit you.

The next stage is a consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith, where he will carry out a thorough assessment of your eyelid and brow region. Mr Kenton-Smith will also advise you whether eyelid surgery, normally performed at the same time as a brow lift, would be required in your case.

Surgical Technique

Surgery is performed under general anaesthetic at St Georges Hospital or Southern Cross Hospital in Christchurch.

On the day of surgery Mr Kenton-Smith will meet you in your hospital room. He will allay any last minute fears and perform the markings required prior to theatre.

Under general anaesthetic, five short incisions are made in your scalp and through these an endoscope is inserted to release the brow. The brow is then suspended and fixed in the new position and any eyelid surgery planned is then performed. Later you will be taken to Recovery for a few hours. Most people spend the night in hospital with ice packs on their eyes.

In the morning, Mr Kenton-Smith will see you before you leave hospital. You will be reviewed again after one or two weeks and then after three months.

When can I return to work?

After a brow lift, most people plan to take two weeks off work. This is usually enough time to let the bruising settle but occasionally three weeks off work are required.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a brow lift is approximately $9,500 including hospital, anaesthetic and surgeon's fees. The cost of a brow lift together with a four lid blepharoplasty is approximately $15,500 including hospital, anaesthetic and surgeon's fees. A more exact price guide will be calculated after your consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith.

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