Scar Revision

Most scars, caused by trauma, are covered by ACC. 

Mr Kenton-Smith is happy to assess your scar and decide the appropriate treatment for it, either conservative management or if appropriate, surgical options. 

Patients with an ACC number would normally be covered for their treatment. 


Dermabrasion is used for scar revision and also for resurfacing skin, particularly around the mouth. The technique is often used as an adjunct to a face lift, but can be used on its own or in conjunction with the use of fillers, eg Restylane, or fat grafting.

The top layers of skin are carefully removed by sanding, usually with a diamond burr. This produces an open wound which is dressed and allowed to heal. Healing normally occurs in seven days. This rejuvenates the skin in the region that is treated and physically smoothes the wrinkles. The area may be temporarily red after treatment, but this can easily be disguised with foundation as it settles.

The price of dermabrasion directly relates to the extent of dermabrasion being carried out. An exact price guide will be calculated after your consultation with Mr Kenton-Smith.

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