Nasal and Ear Reconstruction

Nasal Reconstruction

Aesthetic reconstruction of the nose following skin cancer removal can lead to excellent results which may even be almost imperceptible in most patients. 

Small skin cancers on the lower side of the nose (nasal ala) may be treated by simply removing the lesion.  The wound is then left to heal.  Where appropriate this technique leads to excellent results. 

Mr Kenton-Smith often treats skin cancers of the nasal tip with a long “V-Y sliding flap”, this avoids an obvious patch from a skin graft placed on the tip of the nose. 

The upper 2/3 of the nose can also be treated with various flaps.  The exact choice will be discussed with you by Mr Kenton-Smith in order to lead to the best results and take into account your individual skin type and skin laxity.

Skin cancers on the side of the nose, adjacent to the corner of the eye, are usually best treated with skin grafts.  The ideal place to harvest the skin graft, in this instance, is the upper eyelid.  An upper eyelid blepharoplasty can be performed at the same time to harvest the skin and lead to a reconstructive result, which leaves the patient looking better after reconstruction than before!

Ear Reconstruction

Do you perform a wedge excision for skin cancers on the rim of the ear?

Mr Kenton-Smith rarely performs a wedge excision for a lesion on the rim of the ear as this tends to lead to a smaller cupped ear.  Advancing local flaps (usually an “Antia-Buch” reconstruction) leads to the best aesthetic result.  Since ears tend to grow as we get older.  The smaller ear on the reconstructed side often looks better than the original!

Other skin cancers on the ear may require a full thickness skin graft.

If you would like more information on either of these surgical options, please telephone 03 355 6815 and talk to our receptionist.

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